Steadfast #naturephotography

Today was an important day because it was my only “free” day of this weekend. We had an all day class for my job yesterday which was educational and necessary. The down side is I had to squash my usual weekend activities into one day. Do laundry? Cook? Work on art projects? Walk? Run? Bike? Oh my!

I knew I wanted to be outdoors because we have had some mild, beautiful daysΒ of late and my soul needs the fresh air, sunshine and connection to nature to rejuvenate itself, to reboot and revive its resolve to begin a new week. Our world is fraught with fear, anger, disruption, corruption and a sense of desperation right now.

Since the hurricane I have been very concerned about one of my best friends so asked my husband if he would drive with me to check in on that stalwart, ancient visage of continuity that always brings a smile to my face and peace to my heart.


How relieved I was to see it standing as proud and tall as ever…I just had to snag a selfie!


Although it had suffered an obvious loss of a limb and appeared to have gotten a severe haircut, in all other ways it was perfectly normal. In some ways it almost seemed younger. When I touched its rough skin I could feel its energy and my mind wandered to what miracles, horrors, and monumental evolutionary processes it has witnessed over two thousand years of existence on this ever changing world.



The tree is located in a state park called Bulow and there are hiking trails as well as other old, magnificent trees. While we didn’t take a long walk, we did venture a short way down one of the trails. The state is slowly getting all the debris cleared up from the hurricane. Matthew damaged so many trees and preserve areas, especially along the beach highways. I always go prepared to hike anytime we take a ride and of course my best buddy is always on my shoulder. πŸ˜‰


I did see a wound on one of its extended arms which struck my heart sharply as I envisioned what it will be like after it hasΒ scarred over.


When I think of the word ‘steadfast’ this ancient soldier always comes to mind; but there is another steadfast friend in my life, one who takes me on drives, reminds me to fill my car with gas, who brings me chocolate, knows my heart’s deepest desires-and remembers them-someone who always supports me without question.

img_1176img_1187With these two constants in my world, how could Β I ever be lonely or afraid? The words on the sign say it all for the ancient oak, but the words written on my heart are for all the gifts I have been blessed with today and every day.

Life is good….

15 thoughts on “Steadfast #naturephotography

  1. What a magnificent, majestic tree! I am glad he is ok..
    Wonderful photos Cherryll πŸ™‚

    Yes, life is good and we should be grateful for that gift every day..
    Keep well my friend.


  2. What a great set of pictures. I remember going to the Mississippi Coast after Katrina and the live oaks growing next to the gulf were still there! minus leaves though and in their bare limbs were hundreds and hundreds of bits of white material…like cloth. It was the “left behind” of all the stuff washed out to sea. But the live oaks still stand!


    1. Thank you Paul. I’m glad you liked them. They are stalwart sentinels, a reminder that while many things change and pass away. The Earth will persevere. They also remind me to stand bravely against the challenges of life, for if we remain with our life, we can rebuild, regenerate and recover, even better than we were.

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    1. I think he was….it was so peaceful there. It is whisper quiet but for the sound of the hawks in the woods. I’ll say hi for you next time we check in on him Dan. πŸ˜‰Have a great week.

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