Thursday With Birds


With a rare few daylight hours to myself today, the only thing I wanted to do was be outdoors-to see, feel and photograph beautiful things.  It began to seem futile after I drove to the first, finding it closed, then moving on to a second, then a third local park whose hiking trails were closed.  The hurricane may not have been as devastating as feared; but its lingering effects are slow to be resolved.  Downed trees and debris line the streets and I suppose the public parks cannot be reopened until everything has been cleared and examined for safety.  My final choice for the afternoon has a huge lake in front with a hiking track around it which was open to the public.  There are often many birds there in and around the water;  and, yet at other times, I have gone to find not even a duck paddling around.


As always, Mother Nature listens to the heart of hope and desire;  and when I decided to just get out to breathe the air and walk, I was resigned to just enjoying a beautiful day.  Imagine how thrilled and not at all surprised I was when birds suddenly began to show up around the lake.  It turned out to be a golden hour for me, so I will share their beautiful faces with you here.


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Enjoy the amazing words and music of Gungor….

And this superb entertainer gave me a personal show!

You make me new….

you are making me new.

With every breath comes an opportunity to be the perfect human being God sees

in each of Its creations……

Cheryl KP

copyright 2016

8 thoughts on “Thursday With Birds

  1. Such a beautiful bird! It’s a cormorant, right? I see these guys fishing at a lake I pass on my way to/from work. Great capture!
    Enjoy your weekend!!


    1. Actually, although they have similar appearance in the water, this is an anhinga. The difference is the neck is longer and the tail and wings longer and bluish colored rather than black. Both are avid fishers though!

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