There are casualties in the aftermath of any storm,

not always the ones we think of first, and yet they are

precious, living beings.

I frequent a beautiful park during the week that, like so many other places,

suffered a lot of tree and natural habitat damage during Hurricane Matthew.

As I have been visiting over the past two weeks following the storm, I have seen

more young birds than ever before.  They are flitting about in the barren branches

and hopping across the ground in search of food, perhaps lost nests, and are

allowing  me closer than ever I imagined.


They are leftovers, some without homes and perhaps even parents any longer.  I don’t like to think of which of my little friends may not have survived.  Even the Ibis seem confused, less aggressive in their begging for tidbits.  Most people I know were so very lucky to have suffered “only” superficial damage in their areas, mostly to the trees and bushes.



that doesn’t mean that homes were not lost and families not destroyed, just perhaps not the ones we imagined.  God’s creatures will survive, thrive and rebuild.  But we need to think of them when we say careless things about the “damned trees” in the neighborhood that have dropped their broken limbs across our yards and shed their mosses in clusters like hairy gray snowdrifts.  Our debris is Nature’s demise.  I wish I had taken my camera every day because there were so many others on different days, some I had never even seen out in the open.  But now they have no choice as they make their way in a new world.  Try to love all of Nature’s living things. Here are a few more of my little friends..

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I don’t worry for the Blue Jay.  Those little ones are tough.  Seems to be born into them.  Storm is just another word for change to Mother Nature’s children.  And they are quite adaptable! We can always take a lesson from them.


How do you handle change? With grace or hysteria? Both?

To every thing there is a season

and a time to every purpose under Heaven…..

11 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. We are worried here about the effects of this summer’s drought. Nuts, seeds and even bugs seem to be fewer and smaller. We’re feeding in the front yard and we’re getting birds, squirrels and chipmunks. We recently have seen the bunny back in the garden. It’s perfect, because he/she seems to like the weeds. In most years, we would have already tilled it all in, but it’s still hot.


    1. Awww. Bet that bunny drives Maddie nuts. 😊
      You know people either are very naive about animals and their survival or maybe just don’t want to think of it. The Earth will find a way to stay alive but the life upon it is in danger. And so many people use the man-first hierarchy school of thought when it comes to conservation, etc. Im not an active church goer any longer. But I am well versed in Christian Biblical history. I do believe it says that the heavens, the Earth and its creatures were created first and man was brought forth as Keeper of God’s Creation. And if God cares so little for the “lesser creatures” why was Noah instructed to save one of every living thing while all those simning humans were left to drown? Just my early morning thoughts. Im not an activist of any kind. I just think we are supposed to share the love and respect every thing that was made for us.

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      1. That’s wonderful Kate. I think I have been a steward of the Earth for many lifetimes. One of my earlieat memories was looking down at my feet and feeling sad that I had no mocassins….


      1. It’s interesting. We’ve never seen them in the fall. They seem to come here to have their babies and then move on. The babies are usually gone by August.


  2. Your Mockingbird and Yellow Rumped Warbler images are wonderful!

    I think it’s a simpler life for birds and God’s creatures than for us humans. We build more than a simple nest of twigs and sticks, and the cost is many, many hours of labor at a career or job to procure it. The birds life seems so much easier, free, and happier to me. They find their building material in nature and don’t need permits, licenses, or money to build it.
    If there is such a thing a reincarnation I would like to put in my order to be a white tailed Kite. I have no idea what kind of life I would need to be living now to get that, but they’re my favorite bird of prey. I think they would retrench after any earthly or man made disaster and solider on.


    1. That sounds lovely. I think I would like to be a hawk. I like the idea of being able to soar to great heights and still be very familial. All animals do soldier onas that is what they know. Im not so sure about their lives being simpler. We can buy up groceries and store them away for events and times like these. We have refuge shelters and friends/organizations to help with disasters. Every day of their lives is a challenge just to find enough food, protect what they have from predators and keep moving to stay alive. It would definitely be a different life. I still haven’t captured a photo of a bird with its cell phone yet. 😉

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