In the Beginning Was a Sunset..

In my attempt to revisit our love affair with Costa Rica and for those of you who have joined my blogging adventures within the last two years, I want to start at the beginning. Although we made a couple of vacation journeys to this wonderful country, it was during our first living experience there that I began telling our story and sharing our beautiful experiences with family and frinds back home.

Something in my soul longs for those days, the images emblazoned in my brain and the essence of paradise became the heartbeat of our lives.

One of our favorite things, from the very first vacation adventures, was to catch every sunset we could. In the beginning, if we arrived to a favorite spot too late, or clouding prevented the perfect view, the “tranquillo” people would say, “Don’t worry. There will be another one tomorrow night.” And they were right! So many sunsets came after although no two were exactly the same.

This was a favorite place to have drinks, wonderful food and just wait….magnificence was on its way. Next time I’ll share some photos of El Avion, along with a brief history of how the real live airplane restaurant came to be an icon in Manuel Antonio. Until then…




And have as Pura Vida a week as you can manage.

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