Most Cherished/CBF 2016




When I began to consider what I would post about in this year’s Cherished Blogfest, my mind wandered to many “things” that I treasure, admire, love and hold dear.  Last year it was my children that won out.

This time, in light of the recent bend in the road that I have encountered that leads me into a new, exciting and (for a Cancer like me) frightening direction, my thoughts moved from the physical to the philosophical.

I am a digger, you see, choosing to shovel beneath the obvious in my search for meaning, for the root of the all that is. So many things have a beginning and yet the beginning is so elusive to our human mind because most of us believe that existence is infinite, with no beginning or end.  I try to reach out and grasp the concept, to allow myself to drift into the bosom of its perfection, but inevitably I hit a wall where my mind wants to make sense of how something always was.  In my humble opinion, no matter what your religious inclination-or not-it boils down to a matter of faith.  Faith in the unknown, the unknowable beyond this physical realm, the simple faith that it all means something.

My cherished object, then, is opportunity. You see that gorgeous sunrise in the photo above?  Folks, there has been a sunrise since the moment the Light of Creation smiled on our Earth-a new one with every passing of what we now call a day.  When I open my eyes and see her glimmering, teasing smile through the cracks of my blinds I feel hope and the overwhelming gracious gift that Nature is, whispering that I have yet another chance to get it right.

If you wake with breath in your lungs, you already have the greatest gift ever intended by the Creator.  Our life, our choice, our opportunity. 




Seize the day!!

What is your most cherished item ?

Write about it and share it with others who really want to know!  Sign up here . It’s not too late but soon will be!  What are you waiting for? This is as good an opportunity as any.


49 thoughts on “Most Cherished/CBF 2016

  1. What a wonderful sentiment!! It’s so true that each morning starts with grand opportunity ahead. It is a rare morning for me that starts with dread rather than anticipation of discovery 🙂


  2. What a beautiful thought!! Loved your perspective! That picture truly reflects the rays of opportunities shining brightly over you!!


  3. Ah, opportunity. Good choice. There’s something we all have, but seldom celebrate — yet, as you remind us so well in this post, we should. Do we value our opportunities, or let them slip by? Every day is a new chance to start over. Good post.


      1. Hi there Cheryl. I’ve been going through one of those periods where life gets in the way of writing (wish it were the other way!). Good to be back – and thanks for saying so.


  4. I guess I am the last in the hosting party to comment. Shame on me. Well, to begin with, I love that sunrise photograph and I always believed in working hard and making the most of the chances we get. Being a Pisces, I’m a bit lazy, but you know how Pisces are, once we are on a mission, our creativity kicks in full throttle.


    1. Thanks Damyanti. My parents did not have a lot of money but we had what we needed. They taught us to value what we did have and not have expectations. I did have to learn its okay to dream beyond what is dished out. But I am always happy to have what I do.


  5. Cheryl, thank you for this post. You have given me something to mull over. Opportunity to see the next sunrise is foremost the greatest gift. Without it, all the other cherished objects are useless.
    Thank you, my dear friend.


    1. Hi Peter. Always so good to hear from you. When speaking of hope I never discount the extreme circumstances in which so many are forced to exist, and yet my mind always returns to those bleak concrete cells of Auschwitz where so much horror reigned. Still there have been found images of butterflies scratched into the cold, heartless stone where souls had to lie awaiting their fate. If someone inprisoned in that place could express their love for what was good in life, who am I to not find a way to appreciate what is good within my own? It keeps me grounded.


      1. I think it’s in Proverbs that it says: “Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick …”


  6. Each sunrise brings us the opportunity to begin again. Thanks for reminding us of that Cheryl. I love that picture of you. The sun is just pouring over you. I wish you nothing but the best as you begin this new journey.


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