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What better way to spend an Easter morning than getting out into nature and appreciating its endless gifts?  You never know what life might be serving up and we can learn a lot from our friends.  It’s a great thing to set your sights on great things; but we must be careful not to bite off more than we can chew……like this young cardinal.  Her Mama told her she could do anything-and she set out to prove it!

Easter Sunday 2016 033

Well, she thought she understood what a worm looked like.  And what a huge specimen!  Won’t the folks be proud?

Easter Sunday 2016 028.NEF

Ummmm… worms have legs?  and little teeth?  After a bit of consideration Ms. Scarlet released my little buddy. (thank goodness!) I was afraid I might have to start tossing sticks to try and save the fellow.  And, smooth as silk she pretended it never happened.  So cool, so lovely, soooooo…….still hungry.  Ahhhh…well….there are real worms out there,  sweetie.

Easter Sunday 2016 030.NEF

It was a cardinal day.  We seemed to see them everywhere!  These beautiful birds are so communal and loyal, such a grand example of right relationship.

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter.

Easter Sunday 2016 037.NEF


You bee long to me,
why would you want to
be free?
In my embrace
the only place
where you are you
and I am me.
Sweet the scent of
tender love that
lingers on
when you have gone.
You bee long to me,
why would I want to
be free?
Let’s fly away and bee….

Cheryl KP
copyright all content

21 thoughts on “Thinking Big/Photography

  1. I haven’t seen a cardinal in real so far, but soon after the summer is gone, I will get to see migratory birds right in my backyard. The biggest problem is that most of these birds are shy, so it requires patience and some genuine effort to spot them. Phew.


    1. Cardinals are very “skittish” around people and the males so protective of the female. We used to have a bird feeder in our back yard and I could sit on the patio to take photos when they would all cone to eat. But the cardinals would eat separately with the male allowing her to feed while he sat on a nearby branch. If I so much as moved he would chatter away to her and if I dared to get too clise, away they flew! I hope you get to see some lovely birds soon.

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    1. I never realized how many people have not seen a cardinal. There are a lot of them here in the South. That was an anole. We have hundreds of them around. They are my little buddies cuz they eat loads of insects. Thank you. So glad you liked the photos!

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      1. That is too bad. But there are very unique animals in every country. So many in Costa Rica that I cannot see here either. I’m so happy I can share what is unique to
        our area with those who aren’t able to see them at home!

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  2. We have a Mr and Mrs Cardinal that show up now and then, but I’ve never seen babies. So cute. Talk about biting off more than you can chew though… Great photos Cheryl.


    1. This one was a sassy teen Dan. On e in our backyard in BR there was a nest in one of our larger bushes. When the beby finally made it to the ground it got very brave when we were in the yard and was hopping around without a care while its parents were jumping along the fence line scolding a cajoling it to hide or try to fly. What a telling moment that was for me as a mother.

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      1. Actually I was laughing at the family scene playing out in my back yard. Torn, I was applauding the youn one’s fierce independence and yet my heart was anxious for the fearful parents.

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    1. Aww you’ve never seen a Cardinal? They are very sweet and make a lovely sound too. I hope you get to see them. They always travel in pairs. The males are wuite bossy and protective over the females. Glad you liked the photos!

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      1. No, I never have! I am hoping while NYC this Spring I do though. I’m heading to a section in Central Park where I know they’ve been seen and photographed just to look for the Cardinal. 🙂 Of course I won’t have the right lens with me on that trip, but it’s okay. I just want to see one. 🙂


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