Brave Little Lizard

A Lizard’s Tale

Once, there was a colony of lizards living happily beneath the home of humans. Normally humans don’t care much for lizards or their cousin, Gecko. Why? Well, because humans’ minds tend to shrink when it comes to the natural world. When things get uncomfortable in their relationship to it, they prefer to eradicate the things which don’t “fit” into their lives easily. This has created many problems for them and is bound to worsen if they don’t broaden their minds soon. But that’s another story.

The humans that lived in the house in our story understand the nature of lizards and think of them as happy guests, knowing they have a voracious appetite for the more annoying creatures that also live around them. The elder lizards could sense this and grew fond of the lady of the house, for she seemed to love them most. She was always talking to them and peering at them through her big, black looking glass. They weren’t sure what she was doing; but it seemed to delight the lady and at the same time made them feel grander when she pointed the big black box at them.



They were humans; and when it came to the young lizards of the colony, instructions were clear.  DO NOT engage the humans and never, never, EVER go inside of the big house, for surely any that disobeyed would meet a horrible end!

So, when the lady came out carrying her black box wearing a happy smile on her face, they scurried away before she could point it in their direction; for after all, young lizards respected their elders.  Well…most young lizards did.. All but a very feisty youngster With a thought of his own.


“Why should the elders be the only ones to be seen by the grand lady’s fine looking glass?”He knew the stories of certain elders being made famous when she showed the world the wonders she saw with the black box.  Perhaps they would soon understand the gentle way of lizards through her eyes!   If only he could see for himself!

“No, Alexander, ” plead his best friend, holding onto his small pointed tail tightly. “You know what happens when Anoles and Geckos go….inside.” His voice dropped to a hushed whisper  “They are never heard from again and  no one knows what happens to them. Except for those humans who keep the beast with long tails, sharp talons and thin whiskers “

Alexander fought back a shudder. He had seen the sad end of a few uncles at the whim of these creatures who tossed them about until they were lifeless, then left them to waste away unnoticed, unappreciated and swept away by their humans.

“No! Digger, this human is different  and I’m going to meet her!! TODAY!.” He shouted at his pal before darting up the gray steps and slipping in through the thin crack the humans had somehow failed to close up. He felt only mildly annoyed by their attempts to keep them out; for he had to admit that no lizard would want a human hanging around their lizard den either.

His timing was perfect; for just as he settled himsekf to blend in with the strange, scratchy floor, the lady stepped up behind him! Awe, terror, excitement and adrenalin filled his tiny body.  What should he do? He froze.   Alexander couldn’t move even if he wanted to in that fateful moment

Suddenly she loomed over him, the shadow of her hand closing in-oh my! Fear won out and Alexander found his nerve again, suddenly able to move. He scurried in one direction but her hand came down right in front of him!  He turned and tried to bolt the other way but she was too fast for his tiny legs. How terribly small he felt in that place.  Then the lady was speaking to him.  Oh, if only he understood Human!   She didn’t sound angry and she hadn’t gone for a weapon. Yet.  Could  she be toying with him?

Alexander hesitated for a split second; and in that moment his fate was sealed. The shadow of her hand descended upon him, blocking out the light of day as she gripped his tiny body.


“Breathe, Alex, breathe”, he told himself; and in that moment Alexander found his path to being the wisest elder of all. For instead of trying to wriggle free, he remembered what he knew about the lady and listened to the tiny voice of Great Spirut that urged him to trust his instincts.

What Alexander did next was the talk of the colony for years to come  it would be a tale told round circles of communion until the last lizard roamed the Earth.

Alexander drew in his breath, turned to look the lady in the eye.  and he smiled his grandest shining smile.  He could feel her delight in the soothing vibration of her voice  as she held him up in the light, pointing a smaller black box at him and murmured words that sounded like instructions  “If it is the last thing I do, I’m going to learn to soeak Human,” Alexander vowed to himself.  Meanwhile, he smiled again and settled into her fingers. She was quite gentle as she traveled with him, and he didn’t even worry for where he was being taken as she kept pointing the looking glass at him and whispering encouragingly.

 image image

Soon he saw the sunlight and she spoke one last time, slightly loosening her grip.  His tiny fearful heart took over once more as he leapt to the hard pavement and yet he didn’t run. When he heard her cry out, he decided to give her a final look at his magnificent young form.


“Remember me, Grand Lady, for I shall be back.”  Then he ran off shouting,”Digger! I’ve done it! I shall be famous too!”

The Lady knew why all the small lizards seemed different after that.   They were less afraid, lingered a bit longer, and allowed her a ‘free shot’ more and more often


For such is the Way with understanding humans and fearless lizards  😉

Be kind to Mother Nature’s fearless children. This is their world too


13 thoughts on “Brave Little Lizard

      1. Rrrrrrr..can you see my skin crawl? Crickets push the limits of my cohabitation. I think because when I lived in El Paso they were always in my house and were so big I could count their teeth when they smiled! Besides, I am really creeped out by anything that will eat its own llegs off to survive! Maybe your cat needs a snack? 😁


  1. Loved the story. Thanks, it made my day. Brought back my memory of a lizard friend I had when living in the wilds of South Central Mississippi. Larry the lizard! He had a scaly back and he’d lay out on my porch steps in the sun and allow me to rub his back. He seemed to smile at that. Thanks again.


    1. My pleasure. Lizard and I are very close. In Costa Rica where we lived for a year, there were many varieties and one rather large fellow named Gary used to come around for bread chunks every day. And the iguanas..well that’s another story. Thanks so much for reading and leaving me a message. 😀

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