First Light/Photography/Poetry

First Light

hibiscus aug 2015 035

as the bird takes flight…..

hibiscus aug 2015 024.NEF

wonders what life will bring

hibiscus aug 2015 025.NEF

as she starts to sing

her morning song.

First light

hibiscus aug 2015 039.NEF

nudges the flower

hibiscus aug 2015 006.NEF

to its finest hour

hibiscus aug 2015 003.NEF

its arms open wide

hibiscus aug 2015 001.NEF

and side by side

greet the day.

First light

hibiscus aug 2015 008.NEF

calls Nature to rise

hibiscus aug 2015 041.NEF

and look to the skies

hibiscus aug 2015 014.NEF

catch the blush from the bloom

e’er the hand of doom

hibiscus aug 2015 055.NEF

callously whisks it away……

Cheryl Kp

copyright all content


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