Beyond the Door/Conversations With a Six Year Old


Such was the life of a Mom with four young sons, all of whom could be busy for hours with no thought of where I was or what I was doing-until I tried to make a phone call or spend a few quiet moments alone. If my door was closed it became an alert to my oldest to wonder, to prod and to seek me out. God, how I miss that.Β 

Was it maddening to a young mother? Of course. Did I feel guilty for insisting on some “me” time? Absolutely. Did I want to teach my sons that we all need to be alone sometimes and have consideration for those we love? More than anything else. Did I succeed?

The great news is every one of them is just such a person. And our conversations have evolved over all the years. But sometimes…we still have simple, silly, honest exchanges that remind of those little boys that still live in their souls and in my heart.

Today is the author of this note’s birthday. 19 hours of labor to coax him out that marked a legacy of clinging that lasted until he headed off to school. And how I miss those tiny arms latching themselves around my legs every time we were reunited after nursery school or kindergarten.

Happy Birthday my young man. You will ever be my precious Dumbo. I cherish your choosing me for your Mom in this life.Β 



Stay wonderful! I love you! Oh, and I’ll be out in a minute….

10 thoughts on “Beyond the Door/Conversations With a Six Year Old

  1. Happy Birthday. Cheryl, your post really made me sentimental and my eyes moist as I recollect some moments of me and my mother together. Sharing love, friendship, sorrow and precious moments together.


    1. I understand all too well about memories of your mother and how bittersweet they can be with them now gone from us. Precious moments indeed. My Mom passed two weeks exactly before A de was born.

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