The #Cherished Blogfest

Hello friends and followers. I hope you take time to look at this post which presents an opportunity to participate in a lively Blogfest hosted by a special group of friends, including the author here at Demigorgon’s Fiction. The theme is Cherished, a short posting about something you cherish most. Although I am not able to participate due to the current “busy-ness” of my life, I encourage you to join them in celebrating life’s most cherished things. I am with you all in spirit!

Demogorgon's Fiction

This post deviates from my usual ones, which are strictly fiction. I have not posted anything for three months due to an observation I made one day while stuck in traffic.  It led to a philosophical quandary that still plagues me to date. I hope to pull out of it sooner.

Meanwhile, my wonderful friends over at Blog Friends First, led by no other than Damyanti Gosh of Daily Writes have organized the Cherished Blogfest.

Cherished is the word!

The Cherished Blogfest is about the most cherished object in your possession. I once came across an assertion that life is but memories. Without memories there is no life. Memories trigger our emotions and we interact by our emotions. The things that we love, that we cherish the most, that we hate and loathe, and fear—we treat them as such because of the memories attached to them, invested…

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