Drama in Paradise/Jurassic Battles

fathers day 2015 180.NEF

A beautiful walk in Paradise was peaceful, brilliant, full of light….

fathers day 2015 205.NEF

So much depth, color and diversity. So much….life.


We all know that where there is life,

there must also be drama…

fathers day 2015 187.NEF

Beauty in death, life’s circle is often hard to look at

and yet,

this continuation is vital for the survival of existence.

And then there are the real battles.ย  Watching this one unfold brings to mind another age

when similar battles were fought on a much greater scale.

fathers day 2015 215.NEF

Once there was a palm tree….

fathers day 2015 210.NEF

and two that wanted it for their own…

fathers day 2015 237.NEF fathers day 2015 236

they circled and stalled, then attacked and retreated again.

fathers day 2015 241

fathers day 2015 226.NEF

This tree shall me mine!!!

fathers day 2015 219.NEF

I may be down here for now……

But I’ll be back…….

copyright 2015

10 thoughts on “Drama in Paradise/Jurassic Battles

    1. Most people never even consider lizards. I think they are filled with personality. My husband first saw this going on. Sometimes it happens so quickly it is like a light flicker. But these dudes were having a battle royal for this tree. This HUGE tree. With so much bark and so tall. Not unlike our own human situations eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. I was wondering what they are thinking fighting over such a vast tree. They are even insignificant in size compared to the tree. Just like us killing one another over earth.
        It is such instances that restrain me from blaming people too much for the state of the world. Maybe we are just animals. Evolutionists have a point.


      2. I recently watched a documentary about “curious” animal behaviors where they were studying the intelligence of crows vs dogs and how did they ever get so analytical and able to figure puzzles out to get their food. It was laughable to me. These creatures have lived for millennia and evolved by their wits. How the hell do they think these birds get their food in the wild let alone their silly little contrive mazes and traps? Geeze it was interesting to watch but just showed our arrogant superiority complex as a species.


    1. There is a lot of waiting (dripping with sweat and avoiding mosquitoes.) and a lot of shots. I only wish I had had time to change the setting to a more rapid shot. It is so funny to see these normally quiet. Reclusive creatures going into fierce battle over a bit of tree space. I hope you are well Clarissa. I have been good but having weird dreams, even nightmares that don’t directly correlate to my waking thoughts….


    1. Thank you! I am so happy to be in that other world, where time stands still and there is no sound. When I look through the camera lens it is like being in a vacuum where miracles are only a click away…..It all exists in a a grain of sand. ๐Ÿ˜€


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