She Glows/Flower Photography

I was inspired to do this post by a fellow blogger across the ocean who writes wonderful posts rich in historical, literary and mythological information. You can visit their blog at The World According to Dina.  If you haven’t met them already you should definitely visit them and take a look at their latest post about the symbolism of the rose.

As I told Klaus earlier today, I have only nurtured one other rose bush in my life but it was really a magnificent plant, started from a mere stick that grew taller than my porch, filled itself with fragrant, orange-yellow blossoms and was the envy of many friends and neighbors.  Sadly, I left it behind when my life took a strange and sudden turn.  Since then I have not grown roses-until now, some 25 years later.  It was my husband who suggested we get multiple bushes and having an established one already on the property we bought really caught me up in the beauty of the idea.  He planted them all like models lined up on a runway and we have nurtured, fed and pruned them since they began to really bud. I am always snapping photos with my “real” camera; but I also take a lot of quick shots with my phone. It actually takes some nice photos and enables me to take photos anytime, anywhere.  I visit my garden before I leave for work, when I come home  at lunch and also when I get home in the late afternoon.  I love to say hello to the lizards, look for new little visitors and see what opened its eyes to the world while I was away and in this way I carry the beauty of my garden with me wherever I go. I wanted to take a moment to share today’s bloom with you.  It is my very favorite color of all!  We have had to battle a few ugly bugs to keep them healthy but we are all learning our boundaries….


She Glows

With sleepy eye she blinks at me,

the blush rising in her cheek,


steals my heart with golden voice

though nary a word doth she speak.


She shies not away

from the glare of the day.

as wind brushes past,

so she trembles, and fast

I must capture the moment

now gone in a flash!


At end of day succumbs to the

sunset, and softly

whispers vespers as

evening shadows fall

like a blanket over the garden.


Sensuous in twilight, she

reminds me it is good to be






Her thorns betray her fear,

her message very clear.

“You may look, admire me much;

but if you dare to touch,

you may wound

us both.

Cheryl KP

copyright words and photos


15 thoughts on “She Glows/Flower Photography

  1. What a gorgeous post! I love, love, LOVE yellow roses! So cheerful and inviting… but as in your poem, look but don’t touch! Very nice, Cheryl! Always a pleasure to visit your pages! 🙂


  2. A BIG and warm thank you from me as well, Cheryl. It’s so kind of you to give us this great shout out! 🙂
    Best regards from the North,
    Dina x


    1. I am so happy to do it. I have enjoyed your posts ever since I started following. I doubt I will ever get to visit but you make it so real through your photos and words i can imagine it well. I particularly live the history that you share. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good morning, dear Cheryl,
    thank you very much for mentioning our blog and my article about the symbolism of the rose. And thanks for sharing your poetry which goes so well with your great pictures of roses.
    All the best from the other side of the big water
    the Fab Four of Cley


    1. Thank you! I have always heard how beautiful and diverse Greenland is and that ise vident in your photos and descriptions of your adventures. All the best to you and your beautiful family.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Stunning photos and lovely words to accompany them. And what an achievement, your commitment to cultivating them.

    I read the blog post you recommended – fascinating. Human beings have always sought meaning in anything and everything as they try to make sense out of life and the universe.


      1. It’s such a shame, I think, that so much of spirituality and faith gets drowned by our pride in our own intellect – not that I’m saying our minds shouldn’t be fully involved in discovering God, but that intellect can actually end up closing hearts and minds, rather than opening them up.


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