Love’s Soft Light/Poetry

Love’s Soft Light

Love's soft light

Love’s soft light
slips into the dark
cracks of emptiness
to fill the heart withย 
longing, passion,
and deep desire-
the light becomes the fire!

It must be fed,
nurtured, tended,
lest it blaze out of
control, singeing all in
its wandering path,
leaving a broken heart
as tenderness departs.

Touch me, hear me,
see the truth in my eyes
as I try to look into
the cold emptiness
that defines the only we
that ever seemed to be
behind the wall you built for me.

In the garden waits
the moment,
in my heart lies the secret,
in your hand remains
the key.

Cheryl KP

copyright photo and words

15 thoughts on “Love’s Soft Light/Poetry

  1. Love that is kindled into fire – fire brings light and heat and power that cannot be left to its own devices or neglected because then it can become destructive, leaving a wasteland in its wake. Love by itself isn’t enough – it needs nurture.

    As ever, so much underneath your words.


      1. Unrequited love is awful ….

        Glad you love WG. I didn’t know she was going to appear, but her presence was so ‘loud’, I just had to write her ๐Ÿ™‚


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