She Waits/Poetry/Photography

lizards and roses and things 024.NEF

She Waits

Layered in pink
and silence
she waits,
with glow of
anticipation the
velvet kiss upon her cheek.

Does he see me,
how I long to have
the layers plucked
one by one to reveal
the heart and soul
of me-golden, wet
this glow of desire
burning like fire?
so hot!

How long
before I wither
in waiting, too
long denied,
ignored, belied,
my fragrance fading
into dusky evening?

The layers then fall
away, one by one
fleeing as the angry sun
steals the blush from
my cheek;  the bloom
grown old, too cold to
soak up its brilliant light.

To be touched at
last, a least, as
a carpet of pastel
‘neath your feet,
crushed in delight
as my soul takes flight.

Will you feel me then?
Will you understand
my devotion?

Cheryl KP

copyright 2015 words and photo

16 thoughts on “She Waits/Poetry/Photography

  1. A lot of passion and a lot of frustration. I liked the time element, the time that could have been spent together…I can relate. How did you start writing poetry? Did you just go for it? Or is there a lot to initially absorb on…form and metre, rules etc?


    1. Hi Stephen and thank you. I am really glad you liked the poem. To answer your question first I have to say that I am a real rule buster. I took one decorating class before starting to do my own cakes, one jewelry class, one art class, etc. but in high school English Literature was my favorite study as well as Creative writing. We were taught styles and forms of poetry that which I am sure on some level remain in my head. But it was in the reading of lots of work that I found my own individual styles. There are favorites, like the Brownings and Poe, Walt Whitman and Millay. They wrote from their soul and you felt it. When something inspires me I write what I feel and it often comes out in a style. Sometimes I change a word, a punctuation or thought as I edit. But the one thing I really don’t enjoy is contrived work. Rhyming just to rhyme. Words that don’t seem authentic to the author. I just write how I feel…thanks again. 😊

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    1. Thank you Clarissa. Last week was rough. I need to read your new forecast. I hope it is rosier for this next month. But in spite of the turmoil, there has been progress. 😄 hope you have been faring well.

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