Little angel

dropped to Earth,

do you understand the ‘why’s’?

Can you remember whence you came,

you glorious surprise!

Your upturned nose

and tender skin,

the hair of down, so soft and light.

What dreams that fill your tiny mind

as you lie still tonight?


With arms outstretched

you reach to touch

my awestruck face. I smile,

plant a kiss on your fingertips

can you stay awhile?

What secrets are

buried in your soul?

Eternity’s breath in your cries.

Within those pools of blue I see

The angel in your eyes.


Wingless now

you wait for me

to lift you up and lead you on

into the life you planned with God,

and nurture seeds you’ve sown.

Each time you gaze

into my face,

defiant chin authority defies,

still only will I ever see

the angel in your eyes.


So much to do,

the days will fly

and through your wisdom grow

toward the vision in your heart

of all that you will know.

And when I lay

in wait of sleep,

returning to the skies,

sendย  me off with loving gaze,

my angel in your eyes.

Cheryl KP


Dedicated to my newest angels.


27 thoughts on “Angel/Poetry

      1. Doing a lot of running. I might have to go back to posting each day because by the time I scroll through two days it’s time for bed.
        The eyes of your grandchild are so blue! Really!
        My new laptop is acting up. The mousepad thing. I better go to bed. Up in five hours.
        Keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ™‚
        oh i have to do a blog tour thing on monday and i have to pick two bloggers to pass it on to. There are just a couple of questions to answer. have a look at Pepper’s site and see if you would be game for doing it the following monday. No harm if you’re too busy. Have a think about it anyway. Chat soon ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. I’ll have a look Frankie. Of course my heart would love to do it but I will let you know. I am trying to hang on to my sanity during all of this dismantling of my life. It would be nice to see words from you every day agin, but I certainly understand how overwhelming it can be on top of working too. Glad your running is going well. Hang in there and sleep well. Thanks for your kind words for my girls. They are beautiful and I am SO in live with little Noah. He is an old soul and has so much wisdom in his tiny serious face. Nite!


      3. Hi Cheryl, did you decide yet about the blog tour? I have to post mine today and nominate two people who will continue the chain next Monday. Martha is one of them. Cheers.


      4. Oh darn Frankie, I forgot all about it. Trying not to lose my mind in the midst of the moving madness. Im struggling to stay on top of my blog and related groups. I have two weeks’ worth of WordPress reader blogs to go through. I so wanted to do this but also don’t want to disappoint anyone by failing with the follow through. So I guess I will have to decline. I do hope another opportunity will present itself for me in the near future. In three weeks’ time i will have nothing but daylight to burn and write, read and write some more! Thank you for including me though, good luck with your own juggling act. At least you get to jog away from things now and again. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you so much. When my own babies arrived, I could see eternity in their new eyes and it seemd they wanted to tell me so many things. Before long that look faded into the uncertain and eager gaze of the young mind, ready to learn and explore. It is both exciting and painful to watch. I do indeed treasure the moments.i appreciate your words.


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