To Tell the Truth/#SoCS

Which is to say, it is time for a little look in the mirror. I photograph a lot of nature…yes, well, I just take lots of photos. The things in nature inspire me to reflect on human life as well-things such as beauty, death, love, hope, peace, anger, pain, Love….the list is endless. I have been thinking about appearances, what we do to present ourselves to the world. There are those whose sense of themselves is defined (sadly) by what they wear, who they are with and if every hair is perfectly coiffed.   Always so lovely….   Then there … Continue reading To Tell the Truth/#SoCS

A Little Bird Told Me/Random14

Spotted at last weekend’s Native American Festival Hubby and I spotted this at nearly the same moment. This is not our first message on stone, if you have been following my Random posts. This one struck a chord because I feel … Continue reading A Little Bird Told Me/Random14


Half Moon, too soon nearly gone; and I alone face the darkness- enveloping, silent, accusing… Tick, Tock, world rocks on its axis awaiting the crescent bright, effervescent that marks the nights where Summer delights fade into long Autumn shadows. Half again as much as when it was only half. How swiftly doth the light recede. Like her face, my heart waxes and wanes twixt half and half not.  But on the full days we glow magnificent! Cheryl KP copyright 2016 Continue reading Half/Poetry/Photography