Whispers in Eternity/Forever Never

If ever Artine came close to regret, it was in those moments of imagining. His love for Asme was overwhelming. Passionate. Self serving. Obsessive. And Hungry…all dark branches that made up the gnarled tree of his soul. Continue reading Whispers in Eternity/Forever Never

Whispers and Feathers

 Whispers and Feathers Feathers Feathers have been a significant part of my life for many years now; so it is not surprising to me that I feel such an affinity for birds.  It is rather like the chicken or the egg conundrum for me, however.  I believe birds to be messengers from the other worlds and am not certain if feathers brought birds eventually or if the birds were there all along and perhaps they left the feathers to draw my attention to their magnificence.  At any rate, they have become a symbol to me, one that inspires me to … Continue reading Whispers and Feathers