Costa Rica Hotels

LA POSADA JUNGLE BUNGALOWS, Manuel Antonio Beach Okay, so today I am feeling nostalgic and also a need to return to the source of creating my blog. While I continue to have beautiful adventures back home in the states, I feel I must continue to pay homage to my inspiration. The beautiful country of Costa Rica presented me with many emotions-wonder, awe, fear of the unknown, inspiration and love.  It also afforded me some of the richest opportunities of my life. We made friends, saw amazing wildlife, lived simply and fully, all the while not fully comprehending the magic of … Continue reading Costa Rica Hotels

Waterfall Magic at Savegre Lodge

Hello All, While I am deeply missing Costa Rica, I thought it would be healing-and informative for others-to share another of our favorite vacation days. While we stayed at the gorgeous Savegre Mountain Lodge, we made several hiking excursions and … Continue reading Waterfall Magic at Savegre Lodge

Welcome to Today

We had a wonderful day so I thought I would stray a bit to share it with you. A drive in the mountains is always rejuvenating… After my morning view and coffee, I spent some time with the birds… My husband’s favorite daily visitor.. And his mate.. and my little “hummers”… So sweet, so swift.. We had to make a plan for the day and one of my suggestions was a trip up to the San Isidro area, taking us past Baru and allowing me to dip my toes once more in its cool, clear waters. The mountains in this … Continue reading Welcome to Today

The Road to Paradise is Paved with Coffee Beans..

Well, not exactly, but we have certainly found a bit of heaven in many cups of smooth, full bodied coffee while on our visits to Costa Rica. We enjoyed it so much we simply had to take a tour of one of the country’s leading coffee producers. Now, many people take the Britt tours and I understand they are fun and informative. But we wanted something a bit different, so we asked at the Lodge and it was recommended that we take the Doka Coffee Plantation tour and we signed up. But first, we would take an early morning trip … Continue reading The Road to Paradise is Paved with Coffee Beans..

Peace Lodge-A Peaceful Paradise

We arrived at Peace Lodge and were greeted by friendly staff and given full instructions and information on meals, events, tours and guidelines for the on site animal reserve. The only thing to mention as a negative is that while there we were captive as far as meal choices since the nearest “other” restaurant was a good distance away. Things may have changed since our visit there two years ago, but we chose to eat at the hotel. There are two restaurants, one a more formal setting and the other a buffet style which is open during the day for … Continue reading Peace Lodge-A Peaceful Paradise