Think Did you thinkbecause my will is strongI have no weaknesses? Did you thinkbecause you see no tearsI do not weep? Did you thinkbecause I do not kneel thatI do not pray? Did you thinkbecause I could not staythat I went willingly? Do you thinkbecause I do not speakI do not care? My will bends to my fate.My tears are shed in secret.My prayers are whispered in solitude.My steps away from you are labored.My words remain locked safely within my heart. Do you think the truth is easy?Don’t think.Look at me…..   and see. Cheryl KP2014       Continue reading Think/Poetry


Rebirth When, spreading my wings to the open sky I let the breath of God dry the dampness of birth from my body, I turn my face to the brilliance of Life, drink in its possibilities, disown my fear of leaving the womb And with a sudden rush of ecstasy, the wind whispers my name and sweeps me into the arms of freedom! Soaring, gliding to Nowhere, Somewhere, Everywhere- The Unknown. Cheryl KP copyright Continue reading Rebirth/Poetry

Regarding The Question of Me/Poetry

  Me   Where is me? What is me? A perception, a thought, a prayer, a whim?   From what batter was I poured? Primordial ooze or celestial ether? Am I a fragment of what once was or a culmination of the ages?   Who sees me? Who knows me? Do I know me, or am I a figment of all others’ imaginings?   This dream, this walk among the living dead- is it guided, misguided, planned, plotted or designed?   If I could only stop the noise, the incessant chatter in my gray matter. The voices lie, they cry, … Continue reading Regarding The Question of Me/Poetry