Waterfall Magic at Savegre Lodge

Hello All, While I am deeply missing Costa Rica, I thought it would be healing-and informative for others-to share another of our favorite vacation days. While we stayed at the gorgeous Savegre Mountain Lodge, we made several hiking excursions and … Continue reading Waterfall Magic at Savegre Lodge

Guayabo National Monument

On our second trip to Costa Rica we stayed in the Savegre Mountains for the first leg of our vacation. Our friend Alex picked us up bright and early for the trip which would begin with an excursion to Guayabo National Monument in one of the National Parks located near Turrialba Volcano. I was the most excited because this particular event was one of my own personal requests. The day was gorgeous, as most are  in Costa Rica, and we always enjoy our visits with Alex. He is a wonderful tour guide as well as an excellent driver. He took … Continue reading Guayabo National Monument


Hi All, We  are a bit in flux right now, but I didn’t want you to think I had abandoned you. So I thought I would pop in for a quick post while I have some wifi and share a photo of upcoming news. This was taken on our Savegre Mountain Lodge trip and is the main reason I now find myself immersed in a world of birds and their intriguing natures and beauty. This fellow, the Resplendent Quetzal, lives in the cloud forest areas of Costa Rica. They are only in the high altitude forests and the Savegre River … Continue reading Teaser…

Welcome to La Posada!

Hola! We have made several trips to Costa Rica and have to say that no trip would have been complete without a stay at La Posada. Mike, Jonathan, Estaban and the entire staff there do everything they can to make your stay comfortable and warm. From the breakfast served out on the patio to their themed food nights, everything is done with a homey feel and style that makes you think you are with family. They have, in fact, become like family to us. Whether staying in the bungalows as we did, or in the larger Casa or Villa, every … Continue reading Welcome to La Posada!

Welcome to Today

We had a wonderful day so I thought I would stray a bit to share it with you. A drive in the mountains is always rejuvenating… After my morning view and coffee, I spent some time with the birds… My husband’s favorite daily visitor.. And his mate.. and my little “hummers”… So sweet, so swift.. We had to make a plan for the day and one of my suggestions was a trip up to the San Isidro area, taking us past Baru and allowing me to dip my toes once more in its cool, clear waters. The mountains in this … Continue reading Welcome to Today

The Road to Paradise is Paved with Coffee Beans..

Well, not exactly, but we have certainly found a bit of heaven in many cups of smooth, full bodied coffee while on our visits to Costa Rica. We enjoyed it so much we simply had to take a tour of one of the country’s leading coffee producers. Now, many people take the Britt tours and I understand they are fun and informative. But we wanted something a bit different, so we asked at the Lodge and it was recommended that we take the Doka Coffee Plantation tour and we signed up. But first, we would take an early morning trip … Continue reading The Road to Paradise is Paved with Coffee Beans..