Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down…

I recently discovered a great park which has waterways perfect for canoeing and kayaking that span the area of several miles and city blocks. Each time I go I meet new feathered and finned friends alike. These are the moments that bring peace to my soul.

I’d like to introduce you to my newest acquaintances! Continue reading Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down…

Saturday’s Pallette/Photos of Simple Life

Hello Hibiscus!  I hold an empty cup to capture morning’s light. And blush as it smiles down upon my small place. The eight-legged ball of fire casts a line into the early breezes. Like a voyeur I watch the romance of wing and bloom through my window of wonder.  Kissing every blossom it moves quickly and efficiently. A work of flame and cotton candy! My progress is slowed by the sidewalk sentry.  What?  Do I know the password? Let me think….. Is it squirrel stew? No?  Wait! Is it squirrel gumbo?  NO? Awwwww…….nuts!!  I can’t remember.. WHAT?! THAT’S the password?  … Continue reading Saturday’s Pallette/Photos of Simple Life

The Watcher/Blue Heron by the Lake Photos

I took my regular tri weekly neighborhood roundabout this morning and grabbed my camera on the way out. We had  a shift in weather with some rain, then hot once more; and I knew there would be fungus opportunities out there. There were a few other things as well. The fungus first. There was so much diversity among the little sprouts today, as though self expression was the order of the day in the mushroom world. From the traipsing troupe… There was character in every one. But the glory moment for me was finding this beautiful blue heron, keeping watch … Continue reading The Watcher/Blue Heron by the Lake Photos

Lovely Ducklings..another Photo afternoon at the LSU Lakes

“Quack, quack, come with me, and I’ll lead you out into the great world, and present you…” said the Mother duck in Hans Christian Anderson’s uplifting tale. That story was always a favorite of mine and I had such a … Continue reading Lovely Ducklings..another Photo afternoon at the LSU Lakes