Slitherin/Drama in the Garden

The snake has long been a symbol of the sexual/creative life force within humans. The Kundalini, or serpent fire lies coiled at the base of the spine. As we grow and develop, the primal energy is released, rising up the spine. This activates energy centers in the body and mind, opening new dimensions and levels of awareness, health, and creativity. Continue reading Slitherin/Drama in the Garden

Happy Easter/New Beginnings

Happy Easter everyone! No matter what you believe or do not believe religiously or spiritually, Spring is the time of beginnings, the chance for rebirth.  That which no longer serves us can be laid to rest and make way for the new to emerge fresh, unblemished and with the hope of greater understanding, new beauty and lingering transformation.  To me the message of Easter will always represent the death of hatred and self loathing as the truth of unconditional love rises from the tomb of judgment and fear. In every tiny fragment of life there is beauty, there is Spirit, … Continue reading Happy Easter/New Beginnings

Under the Blood Moon

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright words and photography Under the Blood Moon The Living Scrolls The new moon was blood-red. Eagna gazed at it from her window in amazement. Whenever the crimson wonder rose on Domhan, … Continue reading Under the Blood Moon

Crustacean Meditation….

This is for my friend, Karen, over at Standing at the Mouth of Truth, a wonderfully written, honest blog about truth in every day terms. How we live, how we communicate and how we accept the events of our lives. Check her site out when you have time.  Here is another of my little friends, Karen!  I once thought of doing a series but it never got beyond that. ..     Remember…a little quiet meditation can make a world of difference in your journey….. Continue reading Crustacean Meditation….

Regarding The Question of Me/Poetry

  Me   Where is me? What is me? A perception, a thought, a prayer, a whim?   From what batter was I poured? Primordial ooze or celestial ether? Am I a fragment of what once was or a culmination of the ages?   Who sees me? Who knows me? Do I know me, or am I a figment of all others’ imaginings?   This dream, this walk among the living dead- is it guided, misguided, planned, plotted or designed?   If I could only stop the noise, the incessant chatter in my gray matter. The voices lie, they cry, … Continue reading Regarding The Question of Me/Poetry

Eye of the Watcher/Window to Dohman/my Art

Copyright Cheryl Pennington February 2014 Okay, so it is 99.99999% complete.  Meaning every time I pass by the picture I will see some way to “tweak” or enhance it.  Otherwise it is done.  This was done with a combination of graphite pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink and a bit of watercolor here and there.  I hope those of you who take a peek will leave me a comment to let me know what you think.  Flash Forward:  I have been posting chapters in order for you here; but I wanted to give a bit of sneak preview for things … Continue reading Eye of the Watcher/Window to Dohman/my Art

Whispers and Feathers

 Whispers and Feathers Feathers Feathers have been a significant part of my life for many years now; so it is not surprising to me that I feel such an affinity for birds.  It is rather like the chicken or the egg conundrum for me, however.  I believe birds to be messengers from the other worlds and am not certain if feathers brought birds eventually or if the birds were there all along and perhaps they left the feathers to draw my attention to their magnificence.  At any rate, they have become a symbol to me, one that inspires me to … Continue reading Whispers and Feathers

Sorrow Finds M’na…the Tale of Darkness Told

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington Copyright As Eagna prepares the Mother-to-be for the challenge ahead, she unveils the truth of the darkness which lies within the seat of the soul.  A story is told…and it shakes the Mother of Dohman from her world of safe feelings, awakening the voices that lie within her own place of emptiness and yet strengthening her resolve to bring perfection to humankind with the birth of her child….. Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington Eagna arrives in Foirfeachta where Fireann and M’na eagerly await the arrival of their first-born, the … Continue reading Sorrow Finds M’na…the Tale of Darkness Told