In the Land of Sorrows/Forever Never

‘Dear Mother, no,’ she prayed. The infant so close to missing life, so recently saved from death, and now cruelly returned to Eternity’s bosom? Naofa could wait no longer. She took a few tentative steps towards them and called gently to Eolas through the blinding sheets of the rain. Continue reading In the Land of Sorrows/Forever Never

Serpent to Sorrow/Forever Never

The beast panted, its tongue licking the back of M’na’s legs, its claws tearing up the earth as it fought to get close enough to bury its teeth into her tender flesh. Guttural grunting was drowned out only by the pounding of her heart and the thudding of her bare feed over the mossy ground. Continue reading Serpent to Sorrow/Forever Never


  Think Did you thinkbecause my will is strongI have no weaknesses? Did you thinkbecause you see no tearsI do not weep? Did you thinkbecause I do not kneel thatI do not pray? Did you thinkbecause I could not staythat I went willingly? Do you thinkbecause I do not speakI do not care? My will bends to my fate.My tears are shed in secret.My prayers are whispered in solitude.My steps away from you are labored.My words remain locked safely within my heart. Do you think the truth is easy?Don’t think.Look at me…..   and see. Cheryl KP2014       Continue reading Think/Poetry