Jack’s Kiss/A Wintry Affair

Jack’s Kiss Why shrink you so from my advances, delicate bloom? Do you find me so abhorrent; you, who flourish in the face of my cousin’s golden light? Why do you hang your head in cold silence? Am I not worthy of your smile, your scent, your soft and kind morning face? Why do you weep such hardened tears for me? Do you not know I am but a fleeting stranger in your midst that soon will retreat? Why do you keep your silent vigil for Springtime? Do you not know that seasons pass, must last, no matter that you … Continue reading Jack’s Kiss/A Wintry Affair

Autumn of My Life

Autumn of My Life by Cheryl P Fear Not! The season calls to me. No tears, no reason to be slow, for now your freedom calls. In Spring too busy blooming, you Forgot to also nurture self, pleasing others with your glow. Summer saw you fight the tide. It etched its work upon your brow as you left footprints on the shore. Autumn is not the time to cease, the leaves creating confetti for your life’s ticker tape parade-a job well done! Enjoy the glow of twilight. Embrace the golden hues of life, renew your soul’s resolve. Winter need not … Continue reading Autumn of My Life