Slip Sliding Away

I always liked that song by Paul Simon. Kind of fun. I don’t think he had this guy in mind when he sang it though.. This is one of those “other” creatures I mentioned before. You know the ones that are awesomely beautiful and rare to just randomly run into, but that you certainly aren’t inclined to want to snuggle up with. I know, I know, all you snake lovers out there would disagree. I leave you to your cold blooded pets. I have a healthy respect and appreciation for snakes as well as a true love of other reptilian … Continue reading Slip Sliding Away

Waterfall Magic at Savegre Lodge

Hello All, While I am deeply missing Costa Rica, I thought it would be healing-and informative for others-to share another of our favorite vacation days. While we stayed at the gorgeous Savegre Mountain Lodge, we made several hiking excursions and … Continue reading Waterfall Magic at Savegre Lodge

Hiking the Waterfall trails at Peace Lodge

After we visited the birds we decided to head out for the waterfall trails. Now, trails at this reserve are not prehistoric and in their natural form; however, neither are they easy hikes. While the pathways have been carefully planned and wooden planking and railing set in place, the hike is full of stair climbing and many precarious situations. You would not want to have a free roaming toddler with you for this. The walks were amazing and it took us two separate days to get to all that we wanted to see. The exercise was wonderful and the views … Continue reading Hiking the Waterfall trails at Peace Lodge

Welcome to La Posada!

Hola! We have made several trips to Costa Rica and have to say that no trip would have been complete without a stay at La Posada. Mike, Jonathan, Estaban and the entire staff there do everything they can to make your stay comfortable and warm. From the breakfast served out on the patio to their themed food nights, everything is done with a homey feel and style that makes you think you are with family. They have, in fact, become like family to us. Whether staying in the bungalows as we did, or in the larger Casa or Villa, every … Continue reading Welcome to La Posada!

Photographer’s Paradise

This view is a standard at Villas El Parque and another great restaurant in Manuel Antonio called Agua Azul. Casual dining, great variety and very accommodating staff make for a fun evening and a great way to catch a sunset in Manuel Antonio. You can check out their menu at On our last arrival to Costa Rica we missed a turn and ended up on our way to Caldera, landing us in a very pretty bay area park that was inhabited by street vendors selling scrumptious chicharones, chicken on a stick and other little “goodies”. I wanted the chicharones … Continue reading Photographer’s Paradise

Welcome to Today

We had a wonderful day so I thought I would stray a bit to share it with you. A drive in the mountains is always rejuvenating… After my morning view and coffee, I spent some time with the birds… My husband’s favorite daily visitor.. And his mate.. and my little “hummers”… So sweet, so swift.. We had to make a plan for the day and one of my suggestions was a trip up to the San Isidro area, taking us past Baru and allowing me to dip my toes once more in its cool, clear waters. The mountains in this … Continue reading Welcome to Today

The Road to Paradise is Paved with Coffee Beans..

Well, not exactly, but we have certainly found a bit of heaven in many cups of smooth, full bodied coffee while on our visits to Costa Rica. We enjoyed it so much we simply had to take a tour of one of the country’s leading coffee producers. Now, many people take the Britt tours and I understand they are fun and informative. But we wanted something a bit different, so we asked at the Lodge and it was recommended that we take the Doka Coffee Plantation tour and we signed up. But first, we would take an early morning trip … Continue reading The Road to Paradise is Paved with Coffee Beans..