Passion’s Dream

Another from the archives….   Passion’s Dream     I lie alone in the shadows of the night. Through the darkness your passions come to me, all enveloping. I am lost in desire.   Heart’s resolve, the mind’s will to direct is smothered by the fire that burns within my breast.   Touch that sears my flesh and moves me to helpless oblivion. Voice that woos and tempts me, pulling me out of myself. My conscience withers beneath your gaze.   My body aches for oneness with yours, so gentle yet so strong. Heart pleading in earnest for release from … Continue reading Passion’s Dream

I Wait/Poetry

  Another from the archives of a younger, lonelier, me…..     I Wait   by Cheryl Pennington   My heart, like an empty goblet, longs to be filled again. Your touch, intoxicating as any heady liquor, could fill me so.   My hands, like the wind in the trees, long to caress your body, to feel the quiver beneath my fingers, as the leaves quiver beneath the touch of the breeze.   My body, like a song with no music, longs for the rhythm of yours- movement for movement, changing the notes at will.   My life, like an … Continue reading I Wait/Poetry


Photo courtesy of the marvelous land of Costa Rica-a place time seems to have nearly forgotten Going back through some previous years of writing poetry and journals, I ran across this piece which I wanted to share with you. It is from what I refer to the as the “passion years”.  Now do not mistake that passion no longer exists for me. It is simply no longer the ruler of my steps or decisions as it once was.  There are many passions we can know in this illusion of living; and all will provide some form of satisfaction to the … Continue reading Passion/Poetry

Within the Mirror

Within the Mirror Viewing the mirror she goes into her dreams for repose, For there in the mists possibility exists, in a world that only she knows The stage is bare until she gets there to set up the scenes, providing the means of escaping her world full of care. He stands in the wings with shadowy things, awaiting his part as she urges her heart to reveal the truth of its stirrings. ‘Tis always the same as she whispers his name. He touches her face before the embrace that expresses his joy that she came. Now thoughts could be … Continue reading Within the Mirror


Traces by Cheryl Pennington Tracing the rim of your glass with your fingers, you told me about your life, filling my mind with thoughts of escape. Tracing the lines of my body with your gentle hands, you awakened the passion that slumbered beneath a cloak of fear. Tracing the tears as they slid down my cheeks, you coldly walked away, leaving me to consider all that I wanted. Tracing your footprints, I followed your voice, With colors flying I sped to your side, Upon my white horse quickly bartered for love. Tracing life’s highways with the call of your heart … Continue reading Traces/Poetry

XX Creating Life…Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion….the story continues Creating LIfe/Chapter XX With the hope of reuniting Spirit in the flesh, Eternity beckons the Keepers of Dohman to bring new life into being.  But first they must awaken the dormant passion of physical desire, a thing which would prove both a gift and a curse to the future of humankind.  Once set into motion, creation would become the driving force of the living flesh, opening the door to possibility as well as creating a portal of opportunity for darkness.  The soul’s struggle for repair had only just begun….. Advisory:  Adult content/sexual implication … Continue reading XX Creating Life…Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion