Trapped/Inside My Dream/Poetry

This poem is the result of a dream I had last night, so profound, so real, I thought it like a movie sequence. It was both horrifying yet revealing as I began to peel back the layers of my subconscious mind.  The subconscious and the super conscious is always willing to help us and communicates through dreams. I understand much of it now.  But within the nightmare was real terror of being alone and forgotten-trapped! Trapped Upon the shadowed road  I walk, catching moments with my lens, attracted by the light of life, moving in circles, driven by friends. Suddenly, … Continue reading Trapped/Inside My Dream/Poetry

Night/My Poetry

Night To sleep, perchance to dream… my favorite part of the day, it seems. To waltz between the worlds and dance among the stars. Soaring, plummeting, absorbing the mysteries whispered throughout the night, only to awaken to uncertainty once more. Questions poised on my lips as the faint, taunting soliloquies of the spirits fade into the morning light. I mourn. One day I will sail into the endless night and return no more- the forever light will shine. Cheryl KP 2014 Continue reading Night/My Poetry