Serpent to Sorrow/Forever Never

The beast panted, its tongue licking the back of M’na’s legs, its claws tearing up the earth as it fought to get close enough to bury its teeth into her tender flesh. Guttural grunting was drowned out only by the pounding of her heart and the thudding of her bare feed over the mossy ground. Continue reading Serpent to Sorrow/Forever Never

Brer Barrett/King of the Rabbits

Or so it has been said…that he is head of the rabbit family!  He doesn’t look like a rabbit, does he? However, some of his offspring would appear to bear certain bunny attributes… And there are indeed quite a few of these offspring-five to date, with the last arriving in the delightful package of twins! As you celebrate your birthday tomorrow my Number 2 son, just know that I love you as the Snuggle Bear you always were; and it thrills me to see you with the opportunity to have a whole house full of bears, or bunnies, or whatever … Continue reading Brer Barrett/King of the Rabbits

My Sage Monkey/Happy Birthday!

“Do or do not.  There is no try.”   These sage words were spoken by Yoda in the Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi.  It is very good advice. This phrase has been spoken for a millennium by many wise counselors in a myriad of ways.  My husband’s own brand of wisdom is “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” But it is the words of my son, Matthew, who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, which I recall whenever I feel I am uncertain of what I am doing or why.  He is a sage young man in his late … Continue reading My Sage Monkey/Happy Birthday!

Where Have You Gone, Superman?

No other love surpasses that of a Mother for her child…. Or for her children. I have decided to devote some pages to the souls who chose to join me in this life, honoring me with their love, their guidance and their abiding presence.  You will always be my heroes.  This is for you, Ande. Where Have You Gone? Where have you gone, Superman? I watched you fly across the dry grass, red cape flapping in the hot, desert breeze with its tattered edges curling about your knees- Don’t fall! It must be blue tights and red shorts, more easily … Continue reading Where Have You Gone, Superman?