Costa Rica Hotels

LA POSADA JUNGLE BUNGALOWS, Manuel Antonio Beach Okay, so today I am feeling nostalgic and also a need to return to the source of creating my blog. While I continue to have beautiful adventures back home in the states, I feel I must continue to pay homage to my inspiration. The beautiful country of Costa Rica presented me with many emotions-wonder, awe, fear of the unknown, inspiration and love.  It also afforded me some of the richest opportunities of my life. We made friends, saw amazing wildlife, lived simply and fully, all the while not fully comprehending the magic of … Continue reading Costa Rica Hotels

Slip Sliding Away

I always liked that song by Paul Simon. Kind of fun. I don’t think he had this guy in mind when he sang it though.. This is one of those “other” creatures I mentioned before. You know the ones that are awesomely beautiful and rare to just randomly run into, but that you certainly aren’t inclined to want to snuggle up with. I know, I know, all you snake lovers out there would disagree. I leave you to your cold blooded pets. I have a healthy respect and appreciation for snakes as well as a true love of other reptilian … Continue reading Slip Sliding Away

Barba Rooooo Jaaaaaa…..

I say that because this is how I feel every time I sit down to eat, drink, socialize, listen to music or just watch the sun make its exit from the day at our favorite restaurant here in Manuel Antonio. Barba Roja. Just the name itself conjures up visions of sailing ships, sea spray, rum and a million sunsets on a blue horizon. Oh, excuse me.. what? I’m sorry, just reliving my days as a pirate. Ha. Well, getting back to meat and potatoes here, let’s talk about the good people at Barba Roja. Nestled on a hillside on the … Continue reading Barba Rooooo Jaaaaaa…..