The Artful Dodger/Poetry

    The Artful Dodger Pain, Pain, go away, she sees you lurking there, just around the corner of her fortress.   She is too swift for your cruel intentions, as she slips  into the shadows  of anonymity.   Clever girl learns to smile. So brilliant, the brave farce of tranquil abundant peace she conveys.   ‘Tis merely slight of hand, the magic of the unseen, for the apathetic audience fooled.   Icy fingers grasp her hair as she trembles ‘neath the cold chill of sorrow closing in.   Lights her candle in the dark to ward off the evil … Continue reading The Artful Dodger/Poetry

Letting Go

Letting Go I never thought, in pain and blue, I would be letting go of you. A whim, a dream, a fantasy, How easily you let go of me. I do not blame, how could you see that you were all the world to me? My secret treasure hidden deep within my soul, where longings sleep. I watched a feather wafting by. The breezes took it way up high. All too late I tried to grasp, but empty air was all I clasped. High it rose against the sky, twirling in one last goodbye. Where angels smile and heaven knows … Continue reading Letting Go