Dangling Bitten, stunned, paralyzed by desire so intoxicating… Where are you? Come back and consume me, for I go willingly. The winds grow chilly. Please don’t leave me … dangling. Cheryl Kp copyright 2016 Continue reading Dangling/photography

The Return/Forever Never

He touched her face, looked into her eyes, brimming with fresh tears, then placed his hands gently on her taut belly and knelt in front of her to kiss his unborn child. He stroked her stomach, planting kiss after kiss there; and she held his head in her hands as he knelt before her, his body shaking as he wept Continue reading The Return/Forever Never

A World in Progress/Forever Never

She simply would not allow her mind to drift to the darker aspect of the miracle, of the deception…. and a good thing it was, for the Dark Watcher had become ever more diligent in finding moments to peer through his portal, as always unable to control the impatience that permeated his being.

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Within the Mirror

Within the Mirror Viewing the mirror she goes into her dreams for repose, For there in the mists possibility exists, in a world that only she knows The stage is bare until she gets there to set up the scenes, providing the means of escaping her world full of care. He stands in the wings with shadowy things, awaiting his part as she urges her heart to reveal the truth of its stirrings. ‘Tis always the same as she whispers his name. He touches her face before the embrace that expresses his joy that she came. Now thoughts could be … Continue reading Within the Mirror