Love Is In the Air…..Photography

While the new sprinkler whirled happily in the sunlight…pretty turtle…. the afternoon rose swayed gently in the breezes…… and the small creatures played in the shadows…. How sweet…a friendly game of Leap Lizard. Wait. …that’s not….you…guys…need… a quiet bush somewhere. … Continue reading Love Is In the Air…..Photography

A word about small dinosaurs

I was perusing my photos from our recent time in Costa Rica and noticed how often I photographed another of my favorite creatures, those enigmatic and intimidating remnants of prehistory that make up the amphibian and reptilian world-the lizards and iguanas. Many people are actually afraid of these fellows and, while I have a healthy respect for their natures and space, I am truly enamored of their beauty and grace as they move through their rituals of daily life. The nice specimen above was waiting in the middle of the hiking road as I made my way towards the private … Continue reading A word about small dinosaurs