Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion…the next chapters. New life.


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

all rights reserved for content, written and artisitic

In the land of Dohman, the Daughter of Eternity grows lonely and asks for a companion.  In response to her longing, those in the realm agree to create a companion for her.  When the daughter of the sister world pleads the same cause to her own God, his reaction is a mixture of jealousy and design.  How quickly the desire to please can be entangled with one’s own desires.  The betrayal of trust finds its way into consciousness even as love extends itself in Spirit.  If you are reading for the first time, you can find the previous chapters in the archives. Look for the black and white bird.  This is the sixth installment.  If you like what you read, please let me know.  I would love to hear any feedback from you, so please do leave a note in the comments if you would like. Thanks for stopping by my blog and be sure to check out the Costa Rica and Louisiana pages as well. This life we are walking through is so very huge, full of emotion, questions and and blind alleys.  My hope is to offer comfort in the way of understanding all that we are and what we hoped to be when it all began.

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Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

The Story Continues..

XV Mac Returns

  “Too long have you been in isolation, Mac.  Have you healed your energy and forgotten your fear?”  Mor implored Its son to return to the Consciousness of Eternity and begin recreating along with those that loved him.
Mac had indeed known healing within the vastness of Eternal Light, and He would miss the quiet Peace he had grown accustomed to there.  But he also missed his Twin and knew she had forgiven him so long ago.  Mor was not taking no for an answer. “Your help is needed in a new Creation now.  You must know there have been changes in your absence.”

Mac had, of course, seen what occurred on the worlds from his great distance but had only observed in silence and detachment.  He was very intrigued by the thought of something new-a fresh beginning; and he had no desire to visit his own world, so disappointed was he in what had become of his great work and the pitiful God that lived upon it.  Yet so immense was his Love for this original thought that neither could he destroy it.  In a small, dark recess of his being, he secretly hoped it would have destroyed itself.

Mor felt a new sensation.
Inion, thrilled to rejoin her Twin,  embraced him in spirit-comforting, loving and accepting him once more.  This brought Mor waves of pleasure, for Love was the very reason for Its Being and what It always wanted for all of its Creations.  If only they could experience the other intruding sensations as It did- from a distance and with Objectivity.  It knew all would always return to Love.  Perhaps they would in time; but for now there was much Light in Eternity, and soon there would be the chance to share that Light on Dohman in the form of a new human.  Mac was more than pleased to be asked for assistance, to be needed in this  process; and it was as a balm to his old wounds of jealousy and envy.

The body of this human would be drawn from the energy of Dohman, as had it’s Keeper; but its Essence would come from Mac’s masculine energy as a way to balance that of the feminine in M’na.  In this way the desire was to create a harmony upon Inion’s  world as had once been known in Eternity.  It was in this Spirit of Unity that Mor, Inion, Mac, and Bandia put their idea into motion.

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