Christmas Hike Into the Past

To say that this Christmas was underwhelming in a material way would be fairly accurate compared to those of the past, when we rushed around, manically trying to purchase those things we think we need, that others want or that … Continue reading Christmas Hike Into the Past

Hontoon Island/Photography/Tourism

What I am sharing with you now are just a few photos from our walk. This was just what I needed to renew my spirit after a very draining and in many ways, discouraging, week. Mother Nature never lets me down. We finished the day off with a wonderful Thai dinner at our newest favorite restaurant. Continue reading Hontoon Island/Photography/Tourism

Butterfly Ballet/Butterfly Magic at Hacienda Baru

Recently we made a short trip to Hacienda Baru Nature Preserve, near Dominical, Costa Rica. There are cabinas there with several trails for hiking, a great open air restaurant, and a beautiful butterfly garden. I could have stayed watching and snapping photos for days; but we just weren’t prepared for a long visit. We plan to return soon with friends and do some serious hiking.  That is, if they can tear me away from the dancers in the garden….Here is some of the magic of that afternoon….   Immersed in its Butterfly Ballet upon the golden stage, the delicate dancer … Continue reading Butterfly Ballet/Butterfly Magic at Hacienda Baru

Slip Sliding Away

I always liked that song by Paul Simon. Kind of fun. I don’t think he had this guy in mind when he sang it though.. This is one of those “other” creatures I mentioned before. You know the ones that are awesomely beautiful and rare to just randomly run into, but that you certainly aren’t inclined to want to snuggle up with. I know, I know, all you snake lovers out there would disagree. I leave you to your cold blooded pets. I have a healthy respect and appreciation for snakes as well as a true love of other reptilian … Continue reading Slip Sliding Away

Waterfall Magic at Savegre Lodge

Hello All, While I am deeply missing Costa Rica, I thought it would be healing-and informative for others-to share another of our favorite vacation days. While we stayed at the gorgeous Savegre Mountain Lodge, we made several hiking excursions and … Continue reading Waterfall Magic at Savegre Lodge