Thresholds   I want to fly Mother, to feel the light on my face as I soar across the skies. “You must step over the threshold,” whispered the wind.   I want to swim Mother, to dance upon the white capped waves beneath the moon. “You must step over the threshold,” whispered the ocean.   I want to walk Mother, to explore the Earth as a being born within human flesh. “You must step over the threshold,” whispered Creation.   Every step was one  of purpose, every breath taken filled with hope and longing. So many thresholds to cross … Continue reading Thresholds

Can You See Me? /Poetry

    Can You See Me   Can you see me here,Great Spirit,lost among the tangledvines of existencewhere I struggle for the lightof my Grandfather Sunto shine upon my face asa healing balm of comfort?   Can you see me, oh Creator,and the journey I have madebeyond the mists of eternityto land upon this dying,cursed rock of magnificentglory that you have made for us?   Can you find me,Great Healer of pain and sorrow,as I struggle to hold my headhigh within the whirlwind ofangry business that is calleda life?   Can you find me,Deliverer of the innocent,my head hanging low … Continue reading Can You See Me? /Poetry

Flashback/Still Me That was my constant state at the age of sixteen.  Reflective, contemplative, dreamy.  I didn’t find out until years later that what others saw when they looked at me was “sad” or “unhappy” or, better yet, “stuck up”. That one was a personal favorite and it gave me quite a chuckle. What in the entire world would I ever have to be stuck up about, I wondered.  And how bizarre the game of perception is.  If only they knew how tortured I was to even look them in the eye, to have to stand up in a full classroom … Continue reading Flashback/Still Me

The Glow to Grow

Glow Hiding brilliantly in broad daylight does the magnificent exist among us. So quickly we stride through our paces that we overlook the light begging to uplift, bestowing its magical beauty upon our hearts as a gift. Our hearts, so full of pain and longing there seems little room for even a glint, Nay, not even a spark do we feel beneath the weight. Still it exists, it shines, it glows, it grows until all the world is alight with its fire, and we ask “Now where did that come from?” Angry beasts, raging winds, rolling waves and thunderous cloudbursts-Mother … Continue reading The Glow to Grow

Where Have You Gone, Superman?

No other love surpasses that of a Mother for her child…. Or for her children. I have decided to devote some pages to the souls who chose to join me in this life, honoring me with their love, their guidance and their abiding presence.  You will always be my heroes.  This is for you, Ande. Where Have You Gone? Where have you gone, Superman? I watched you fly across the dry grass, red cape flapping in the hot, desert breeze with its tattered edges curling about your knees- Don’t fall! It must be blue tights and red shorts, more easily … Continue reading Where Have You Gone, Superman?


Rebirth When, spreading my wings to the open sky I let the breath of God dry the dampness of birth from my body, I turn my face to the brilliance of Life, drink in its possibilities, disown my fear of leaving the womb And with a sudden rush of ecstasy, the wind whispers my name and sweeps me into the arms of freedom! Soaring, gliding to Nowhere, Somewhere, Everywhere- The Unknown. Cheryl KP copyright Continue reading Rebirth/Poetry