This morning I stepped outside to practice my appreciation of this life, this beautiful world, this new chance to be whatever I can within it. I say practice because few humans ever master the art of apprecaiation. Many may think they have mastered a lot of things; but I like the practice of meditation, appreciation and gratitude. It keeps me on the edge of discovery and bright expectation. Continue reading Clarity


Gratitude Through the haze she winks at me, opening her eyes to the new day. Every face turns to greet the dawn with new hope. What pleasures await the tongue! What treasures lie yet unnoticed? See the beauty she paints … Continue reading Gratitude/Photography/Poetry

Retribution/ Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 As the Keeper of Domhan wakes to a morning of hope and satisfaction, the perpetrator of the lie in the inner Garden is made to answer for his contrivances.  Whose will is greater and what will become of the newly prepared soul of As’me, waiting patiently to find new life in existence-a second chance at happiness in the physical world… Retribution Ar’tine roamed the desolate corners of Domhan Eile, satisfied with his night’s work, and contemplated things to come….the epitome of delusion, he began entertaining the idea of revisions to … Continue reading Retribution/ Forever Never

I Am An Expression of God

“I am an expression of God”   How easy to see the God in me as I gaze at the sky, birds winging by.   Connecting with rainbows and moonglows as the wind blows across my warm face.   Can I look at you and see me too? Can you gaze at me,  your own soul see?   From the grain of sand on which we stand to the vast night sky where rockets fly is seen the hand of Creation.   I am God It is me. Expressing Its love, I came to be.   A hope, a thought … Continue reading I Am An Expression of God