Juntos/Forever Never/Excitement Grows

As they continued to work, they began to hum softly, soon affecting the entire group as every female joined in their gentle music, each adding her voice to the soft melody until soon it became a chorus-a lilting sound that rose above their heads and danced on the breeze blowing over the dense woods and into the village of Jinetes.

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Enter the Creators/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

  Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion   by Cheryl Pennington All rights reserved   When we left our friends in the Garden, the ceremony of sanctification for Dohman’s first born human child was well under way.  Gifts have been given, blessings shared and prayers offered.  As night descends upon their world, the power of Eternity moves to join the Light Ones in welcoming the hope of their world, arriving in surprising fashion…..     The story continues….. (Bandia, Goddess of Dohman is the first to arrive, as of our last chapter)     “My Daughter, M’na, you have done well.  … Continue reading Enter the Creators/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion