Face to Face/Forever Never

Eolas saw everything in slow motion-his eyes, his mind, his heart memorizing every molecule of existence in the moments that followed. He watched the head of the great She-Creature as it turned away from Naofa and trained its gaze on his treasure chest. Continue reading Face to Face/Forever Never

In Dreams it Arises/Forever Never

  Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright images and story As Eolas and Eagna make their way to the cliffs,  Naofa listens to Laoch reveal his world of nightmares…nightmares which could well become a reality for their own world….. “Laoch,” her voice nudged his thoughts from reflection. “Something has happened in the Garden recently, something very unexpected.” Naofa paused for any reaction from the Warrior, yet he merely listened with keen interest, so she continued. “Something…several things, which will prove life changing for our world. We would have sent for you, but it was not possible to … Continue reading In Dreams it Arises/Forever Never

Dragons in my Mind

I have had a fascination with dragon lore for most of my life and have, at different times, attempted to create renditions.  In light of my recent novel and a renewed interest in these mystical creatures, I wanted to post these older art pieces before I try my hand at a new piece.  The one above was done about ten years ago, during a time of Spiritual awakening and growth. I find the face a bit too “friendly” for what I have in my with my current project. But it was an attempt at an Atlantis reference, so a peaceful … Continue reading Dragons in my Mind