The Homecoming/Forever Never

A tempting aroma wafted its way to her nostrils then, awakening ignored hunger pangs that suddenly rumbled like thunder in her stomach. Noafa clutched her abdomen, slightly embarrassed by its cries; but Carraig jumped at the chance to urge the village in the direction of the meal he knew was waiting.

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Into Espera/Forever Never

She heard the voices of its family in the distance, crying out for their share; but the leader of this pack was not having Una Tonto for its meal. The wolf crept behind her at a safe distance, sneering at her as she backed away and into the safety of the village. The others watched the final steps of her terror walk, and as they closed in around her she fainted onto to the ground. Continue reading Into Espera/Forever Never

Brer Barrett/King of the Rabbits

Or so it has been said…that he is head of the rabbit family!  He doesn’t look like a rabbit, does he? However, some of his offspring would appear to bear certain bunny attributes… And there are indeed quite a few of these offspring-five to date, with the last arriving in the delightful package of twins! As you celebrate your birthday tomorrow my Number 2 son, just know that I love you as the Snuggle Bear you always were; and it thrills me to see you with the opportunity to have a whole house full of bears, or bunnies, or whatever … Continue reading Brer Barrett/King of the Rabbits

Happy It Patty’s Day!

No, no, you read it correctly.  That was no typo.  I suppose this is what comes of growing up in a non catholic household.  Saint, It, ’tis all the same to a six year old with crayons.  I am certain it was what he thought he saw on the board at school. Still, it’s a lovely grove of trees, wouldn’t you agree?   Fun times, those “kiddie” years; and God how I miss them.  I’ve been going through what remains of my children’s drawings and collectibles, trying to trim down the extra baggage.  With children of their own now in … Continue reading Happy It Patty’s Day!

Return to the Garden/Time for Ceremony Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

  Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington Copyright     Dohman’s first child born in the physical arrives; the time for celebration is at hand. As the Warrior and Hunter arrive in Foirfeachta to join the ceremony, those in the Eternal Realm are preparing as well; but not all are in agreement about allowing the presence of the dark God at this momentous event.  Even though he has proven himself affected by the Light of healing, if not completely reformed, there are signs of his restless ambivalence-the fires still smoulder within the shadows of his soul. Still….all are … Continue reading Return to the Garden/Time for Ceremony Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

The Lights Before Christmas

The Lights Before Christmas ‘Twas the week before Christmas and Dad understood The magical spell of the glow in the ‘hood. Each lawn was ablaze with twinkling lights While billowing Santas danced with delight. Mama was ready to jump in the car And cruise back in time where sweet memories are. As they slowly rode up and down every street She could scarcely sit still in the warmth of her seat Her mind racing  back to the time she was young The trees they’d adorned and the stockings they’d hung Singing Christmas Carols as they sat on the floor Using … Continue reading The Lights Before Christmas