Out of Doors/Breaking Day/#Thursday Doors

Any time the world gets too hectic, too crazy for me; and my head is full of noise so loud I can’t think, I have to drop whatever I’m doing and head out of doors. The outdoors is where peace … Continue reading Out of Doors/Breaking Day/#Thursday Doors

The Life and Soul of Me

    The Life and Soul   A breath! A whisper, a prayer.. I came into the world, but not alone. So great was the Creator’s love for me you were sent along.   Comforter! Consort, tormentor, friend, my heart’s deepest desires you share. We move in time, this dance of life until our days shall end.   Together Entwined, combined, one mind along the winding path we see the weeds, the seeds, the undertones, the shadows linger over we.   Descend the pit, the hollow well of pain- and you gently take my heart. Hold it safely to your … Continue reading The Life and Soul of Me

Saturday’s Pallette/Photos of Simple Life

Hello Hibiscus!  I hold an empty cup to capture morning’s light. And blush as it smiles down upon my small place. The eight-legged ball of fire casts a line into the early breezes. Like a voyeur I watch the romance of wing and bloom through my window of wonder.  Kissing every blossom it moves quickly and efficiently. A work of flame and cotton candy! My progress is slowed by the sidewalk sentry.  What?  Do I know the password? Let me think….. Is it squirrel stew? No?  Wait! Is it squirrel gumbo?  NO? Awwwww…….nuts!!  I can’t remember.. WHAT?! THAT’S the password?  … Continue reading Saturday’s Pallette/Photos of Simple Life