Masked Stranger…my introduction to the Wood Stork

Welcome to Daytona Beach, Florida! What a sunrise huh?  While here on business and a short vacation, I am taking advantage of every opportunity to snap photos of the wonderful wildlife and scenery here.  We lived here “once upon a time” and miss it a lot.  This visit we are very fortunate to be staying on the beach. I caught this beautiful sunrise and was awed with the seagulls lined along the shore, greeting the new day. In just two short days, I have had the joy of photographing several new birds that I have not previously seen; and I … Continue reading Masked Stranger…my introduction to the Wood Stork

Heron Lake or Why I Take Walks

In my neighborhood there are two lovely, simple man-made lakes.  They attract some of the loveliest wildlife you can find in a city setting. I never know just who will be there when I happen by, but I am always armed with my camera and high hopes.  Yesterday this was the main event. I named it the Watcher of the Lake. Preening, oblivious to my attentions and indifferent to the adoration I was showering it with, it continued its daily business. A stroll down beside the shore, to strut its stuff. Giving me the eye. It must have stood there … Continue reading Heron Lake or Why I Take Walks