Autumn of My Life

Autumn of My Life by Cheryl P Fear Not! The season calls to me. No tears, no reason to be slow, for now your freedom calls. In Spring too busy blooming, you Forgot to also nurture self, pleasing others with your glow. Summer saw you fight the tide. It etched its work upon your brow as you left footprints on the shore. Autumn is not the time to cease, the leaves creating confetti for your life’s ticker tape parade-a job well done! Enjoy the glow of twilight. Embrace the golden hues of life, renew your soul’s resolve. Winter need not … Continue reading Autumn of My Life

Theming My Life

In hues of blazing orange and earthen brown Autumn spreads like a warm blanket across a rapidly chilling world. No more do tiny dragons fly about my yard, spreading faerie dust across the garden and pausing so that I may capture their smiles. In their place have come the colorful magicians of transitional Autumn wonder. As they flutter their spotted wings a great drowsiness covers the meadow, yard, field and garden before the harsh Winter shows its icy grin through sheets of frozen raindrops. All too soon they will sleep beneath the blanket of the Bleak Season. What shall I … Continue reading Theming My Life

Bee Happy!

When I turn my electronic eye to the world around me   small miracles respond with enthusiasm. They do not realize the impact they have on my heart. How can they know that they are the star of my work,   the hope of my endeavors, and the brilliance upon the face of   this little grand globe? They arrive ready to perform, as if on cue,   but the curtain falls all too quickly, ending my delight. My soul applauds! If I am lucky, I can capture their essence for a fleeting moment  so that I may remember… and … Continue reading Bee Happy!

Welcome Autumn!! How Happy I Am

Thanks to the tropical storm that didn’t become a big, bad hurricane, we have been enjoying cooler temperatures here in the land of moss and mosquitoes.  I awoke to a nippy 62 degrees this morning and couldn’t wait to get dressed, grab my camera and head out for a walk. I felt surely all of nature must be as relieved as I was at the drop in temperature.  I didn’t even mind the few initial goosebumps that traveled up my bare shins where my cropped pants stopped short. They soon became a memory as I felt the sun on my … Continue reading Welcome Autumn!! How Happy I Am

Feathered Friday, or Birds are Loving the Autumn

Even the grass has seemed perkier for the last week.  Yep, that’s what a dip in temperatures will do for living things.  We have recently had autumn-like changes which appear in the morning, making my walks much more palatable-and thoroughly enjoyable once I am out there.  This past Friday was amazing for photography. I only wish at times I had a few different lenses or perhaps was quicker with my settings.  Still,  I got some nice shots and thought I would share some of the beautiful things that I am fortunate to encounter nearly every day. The Heron was “stationed” … Continue reading Feathered Friday, or Birds are Loving the Autumn