To Tell the Truth/#SoCS

Which is to say, it is time for a little look in the mirror. I photograph a lot of nature…yes, well, I just take lots of photos. The things in nature inspire me to reflect on human life as well-things such as beauty, death, love, hope, peace, anger, pain, Love….the list is endless. I have been thinking about appearances, what we do to present ourselves to the world. There are those whose sense of themselves is defined (sadly) by what they wear, who they are with and if every hair is perfectly coiffed.   Always so lovely….   Then there … Continue reading To Tell the Truth/#SoCS


Traces by Cheryl Pennington Tracing the rim of your glass with your fingers, you told me about your life, filling my mind with thoughts of escape. Tracing the lines of my body with your gentle hands, you awakened the passion that slumbered beneath a cloak of fear. Tracing the tears as they slid down my cheeks, you coldly walked away, leaving me to consider all that I wanted. Tracing your footprints, I followed your voice, With colors flying I sped to your side, Upon my white horse quickly bartered for love. Tracing life’s highways with the call of your heart … Continue reading Traces/Poetry