One Prayer/Poetry

One Prayer Awake!Mind’s eye tracing the shadowy path.Images of life dance across the Screen in my head. Noise!The voices cry, they sigh and weepas I gnash my teeth for questions unanswered. Praying!Save me-them-my children!Family, friends, so many! Who will I forget? Torment!Grips my soul, my heart broken.Can’t breathe-will I die of fear? Epiphany!What if I should praysimply for peace, healing for All,the mending of ego’s dark rift? Focus!Not on each but on the whole of life.For if Spirit in flesh be healedall prayers shall be answered.Pain. Darkness. Fear. All shall disappear before the Light! Miracle Cheryl KPCopyright photo and poetry 2014 Continue reading One Prayer/Poetry

Autumn of My Life

Autumn of My Life by Cheryl P Fear Not! The season calls to me. No tears, no reason to be slow, for now your freedom calls. In Spring too busy blooming, you Forgot to also nurture self, pleasing others with your glow. Summer saw you fight the tide. It etched its work upon your brow as you left footprints on the shore. Autumn is not the time to cease, the leaves creating confetti for your life’s ticker tape parade-a job well done! Enjoy the glow of twilight. Embrace the golden hues of life, renew your soul’s resolve. Winter need not … Continue reading Autumn of My Life