Naofa’s Lament/Forever Never

Suddenly, she stopped and turned, determined to face her tormentor. ‘Of course’, she thought bitterly. Naofa felt a manic laugh rising in her chest but terror squelched it before it escaped her lips. There in the shadow of a gnarled, lifeless tree, stood the wolf, its red eyes glaring back at Naofa like burning embers-cruel embers that threatened to sear her soul this night. The visage bared its yellowed teeth and continued to laugh. Continue reading Naofa’s Lament/Forever Never

Out of the Blue

Isn’t that  a pretty heart? I thought so too! I was so pleasantly surprised to find this comment on my About page yesterday and a great big thanks to Louie Louie writes a great blog focusing on life through travel and living one’s dreams.  You really should take a look when you get a chance! Thanks so much Louie. You may not have realized this but the last few weeks have been rather hellish for me. First came the devastating news we would have to leave our beloved new life in paradise, Costa Rica.  Then came the daunting task of … Continue reading Out of the Blue

Monochrome Moments

  Monochrome Moments Technicolor life, though brilliant and light, stimulating, bright in all of its wonder, can be missing you see the subtle clarity of those times we view the world around us through a lens which shows the shadows, the glows of perfection and knows the honesty in a moment thus viewed beckons the spirit’s shining hope of eternity’s home through a glimpse of its creation in monochrome. Cheryl KP copyright 2014 Continue reading Monochrome Moments

Writing Process Blog Tour/I Am Such a Turtle

I know I said a turtle, but I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine from Costa Rica. He can attest to my sincerity when I say thank you to Julia Lund for tagging me to be a … Continue reading Writing Process Blog Tour/I Am Such a Turtle

To the Cliffs/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Laoch wondered that he never noticed her natural beauty before, admiring her tall form and the workmanship in her leather foot coverings, properly tanned and laced to the knees. The Warrior thought to himself how capable this female was-and she, with no mate to help her. Continue reading To the Cliffs/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Tis Only a Dream? Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Rubbing her arms briskly as if to erase the chill of terror from her skin, she pushed her hair from her face and breathed deeply as she allowed the truth of blessed morning to fill her with the peace of awakening from such a dream. And it was only a dream…

Continue reading Tis Only a Dream? Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Maiden in Waiting/An Ode to Magnolia

Maiden in Waiting by  Cheryl KP Maiden in Waiting How you blush before the kiss of faint light that promises to burn brightly soon and give you reason to hide. Your face upturned to drink in the new light of burgeoning season’s first glimmer of urging. Soon you will tire of dancing in the light; and, shedding your petticoats will shiver, naked on the wood. Summer’s heat doth make an exhibitionist where once stood a bashful bloom; but do not hide from view. For we all shall shed our garments in delight when finally that golden orb awakes to melt … Continue reading Maiden in Waiting/An Ode to Magnolia