A Sorceress’s Adventure

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 As Eolas and Laoch make their way to the source of the endless smoke spirals, The Sorceress accompanies Eagna back to her home. They will find more than rest and comfort on the morrow as their circle grows to include more of Domhan’s living essence. A Sorceress’s Tale Ignoring Eolas’ advice to make the trip slowly, Eagna pushed steadily on toward their home, with the White Tiger keeping pace beside her, only stopping now and then to eat the food they brought along.  Eagna’s hand remained buried in the white … Continue reading A Sorceress’s Adventure


Woman I am Woman, hear me roar! And whimper And cry. And scream. And laugh. And complain. Compliment, cajole, reprimand, punish, encourage, support, teach, learn, grow, blossom, shadow and shine. I am Woman. Many faces, many hats. Many places, thin and fat. I am emotion. I am calm. I am warmth and healing balm. Extraordinary, plain, sometimes wild and sometimes tame. I give, I need, I beg, I plead, I reap, I sow and yearn to know. Defying the odds, we ascend the summit. In the face of devastation, we see rebirth. Surrender is not an option, and compromise is … Continue reading Woman/Poetry