New Place, New Dreams

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know I created a new blog space and would love for you to join me there. The blog is aptly named Dreaming Reality Anyone who has followed my blog all along knows about my novel and the thoughts I have about dreaming and reality. In light of the fact I am returning to that work in all seriousness, I decided to dedicate the new blog’s name and theme to that idea as well. There will still be photos, poetry, words and prompt posts. I hope you will join me there. And thank you for your … Continue reading New Place, New Dreams

A Nod to 2017

2017 year has flown by.  So much happened for us, it could hardly be called boring.  Some was less than thrilling but always we found goodness in everything we experienced.     A lot of bloggers and friends have been reflecting on the past year and their growth, whether or not to have resolutions and regrets, and reflecting on what the new year might have in store. The only thing I can say about the past and the future from my own perspective is that they both interfere with my appreciation of the now.  As an empath I have often … Continue reading A Nod to 2017