Feathered Friday, or Birds are Loving the Autumn

Even the grass has seemed perkier for the last week.  Yep, that’s what a dip in temperatures will do for living things.  We have recently had autumn-like changes which appear in the morning, making my walks much more palatable-and thoroughly enjoyable once I am out there.  This past Friday was amazing for photography. I only wish at times I had a few different lenses or perhaps was quicker with my settings.  Still,  I got some nice shots and thought I would share some of the beautiful things that I am fortunate to encounter nearly every day. The Heron was “stationed” … Continue reading Feathered Friday, or Birds are Loving the Autumn

Elusive Owl/My Lucky Night

My Yard is For the Birds Hi there! So, I have shared with you about the many creatures that seem to find their way into my yard, my garden,  my life.  I have had a beautiful Heron come to call as well as the bright cardinals and deep blue jays that are here daily. My heart’s desire, however, has always been to be eye to eye with an owl. As one of my animal totems, Owl has long played a role in my sense of spirituality.  We have quite an abundance of bird wildlife here, even though we are considered … Continue reading Elusive Owl/My Lucky Night

Heron Lake or Why I Take Walks

In my neighborhood there are two lovely, simple man-made lakes.  They attract some of the loveliest wildlife you can find in a city setting. I never know just who will be there when I happen by, but I am always armed with my camera and high hopes.  Yesterday this was the main event. I named it the Watcher of the Lake. Preening, oblivious to my attentions and indifferent to the adoration I was showering it with, it continued its daily business. A stroll down beside the shore, to strut its stuff. Giving me the eye. It must have stood there … Continue reading Heron Lake or Why I Take Walks

The Watcher/Blue Heron by the Lake Photos

I took my regular tri weekly neighborhood roundabout this morning and grabbed my camera on the way out. We had  a shift in weather with some rain, then hot once more; and I knew there would be fungus opportunities out there. There were a few other things as well. The fungus first. There was so much diversity among the little sprouts today, as though self expression was the order of the day in the mushroom world. From the traipsing troupe… There was character in every one. But the glory moment for me was finding this beautiful blue heron, keeping watch … Continue reading The Watcher/Blue Heron by the Lake Photos

Lovely Ducklings..another Photo afternoon at the LSU Lakes

“Quack, quack, come with me, and I’ll lead you out into the great world, and present you…” said the Mother duck in Hans Christian Anderson’s uplifting tale. That story was always a favorite of mine and I had such a … Continue reading Lovely Ducklings..another Photo afternoon at the LSU Lakes