Grazy Hay

  Hazy Gray, wet day, foggy, soggy, groggy mind, ill defined lines. Cold. Outside. Cold. Inside this head, unwelcome guest, my quest to exorcise the fiendish bug, snotty slug with no remorse. Drawing swords, downing draughts, potions, pills, toddies and … Continue reading Grazy Hay

Let Me Out! “One-Liner Wednesday”

  Let me out, the veil grows thicker, darker, slicker, a slippery slope with little hope of resolution- the solution shadowed by shouts, riddled with doubts of survival as the dim light, once so bright slips quietly through greedy fingers … Continue reading Let Me Out! “One-Liner Wednesday”

Friendship/A Hot and Cold Affair

  Hot, God it’s so hot this time of year And hellish seems to say it best for in and out as, once again, I am alone and standing here…   A ring of friendship that we traced encircled by … Continue reading Friendship/A Hot and Cold Affair