I Love to Take a Photograph/#1linerwednesday

So Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away.  Great song by Paul Simon.   I love the brilliance a color photography, especially in the digital age.  Still, there is depth and character to a great monochrome photo.  Normally I resort to it when the color version is over or underdeveloped.  I should do more of it intentionally. What say you?     Do things really look worse in ‘black and white’? Paul? This song brings me back to Jr. High School.  Fer sure…..   This post is part of Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday Prompt For more great posts visit her there and … Continue reading I Love to Take a Photograph/#1linerwednesday


Half Moon, too soon nearly gone; and I alone face the darkness- enveloping, silent, accusing… Tick, Tock, world rocks on its axis awaiting the crescent bright, effervescent that marks the nights where Summer delights fade into long Autumn shadows. Half again as much as when it was only half. How swiftly doth the light recede. Like her face, my heart waxes and wanes twixt half and half not.  But on the full days we glow magnificent! Cheryl KP copyright 2016 Continue reading Half/Poetry/Photography